Introducing a cocktail that perfectly balances the vibrant zest of lemon, the sumptuous smoothness of Nine Tines Vodka, and the rich allure of blackberries—the Dales Bramble. This bespoke creation takes the classic Bramble to new heights, infusing it with the distinct character of our vodka.


  • 50 ml Nine Tines Vodka
  • 25 ml fresh lemon juice
  • 12.5 ml simple syrup (1:1 sugar to water ratio)
  • 12.5 ml blackberry liqueur (e.g., Crème de Mûre)
  • Fresh blackberries, for garnish
  • Ice cubes

1. Chill Your Glass:

Begin by chilling an old-fashioned glass. You can do this by filling it with ice cubes and allowing it to sit while you prepare the cocktail.


2. Prepare Your Mixing Glass:

In a separate mixing glass, combine 50 ml of Nine Tines Vodka, 25 ml of fresh lemon juice, and 12.5 ml of simple syrup.


3. Stir or Shake:

You can either stir the mixture with ice cubes for a smoother texture or shake it with ice for a slightly frothier finish. Choose your preferred method and stir or shake until well-chilled.


4. Discard Ice from Chilled Glass:

Remove the ice from the chilled glass.


5. Add Fresh Ice Cubes:

Fill the chilled glass with fresh ice cubes.


6. Pour the Cocktail:

Carefully pour the prepared cocktail mixture over the fresh ice cubes.


7. Layer with Blackberry Liqueur:

Slowly pour 12.5 ml of blackberry liqueur (Crème de Mûre) over the back of a bar spoon or by drizzling it along the glass's inner side to create a layered effect.


8. Garnish:

Add a few fresh blackberries on top of the cocktail as a garnish. You can also include a lemon slice or twist for an extra touch of citrus aroma.


9. Serve and Enjoy:

Your bespoke Nine Tines Vodka Bramble is ready to be savoured. Sip slowly and appreciate the delightful combination of tart lemon, smooth vodka, and the sweet allure of blackberries.