Our Vodka

Our award winning super smooth English potato vodka, is exactly that. Smoother than grain vodkas, potato vodkas are renowned for being smooth, earthy, rich and full bodied - ours is no exception, in fact we’ve never tasted smoother vodka.

Insisting on handling the entire process ourselves, our vodka is carefully crafted from field to bottle within just a nine mile area. With its flawlessly silky palate and exquisitely clean finish, Nine Tines isn’t just irresistibly delectable, it’s wonderfully versatile too – as delicious over ice as it is in a cocktail. Smooth, satisfying and impeccably authentic – this is English vodka made how it should be. Vodka elevated far beyond what you’ve come to expect.

Little wonder it was winning gold medals before you could even buy it.


Multiple award-winning results

Tasting notes

We do things properly and we invest an extraordinary amount of time and effort into making our spirits because we believe it comes through in the taste.

Our vodka has toffee-like sweetness, vanilla and delicate warming spices are well balanced by nice earthy savoury notes. Good viscosity gives a great mouthfeel, soft and creamy with a lingering finish.

Would be great sipped neat, or in a Martini.

Our ‘small batch’ process is unusual and time consuming, but that’s what it takes to create a remarkable vodka.

After five months of nurturing our potatoes in the rich North Yorkshire soil, land we have farmed responsibly for four generations, we carefully harvest our potatoes and store on our farm.

To make our vodka we select small batches of potatoes, carefully prepare them, then gently boil them.

Once cooled we add the yeast that turns the natural sugars into alcohol and then we leave for the natural magic to take place. This critical stage of the process takes at least five days, but it is time well spent.

Now, we are ready to distill our vodka. We do this an incredible 30 times, then filter slowly through charcoal for five days. These careful steps create a perfectly balanced vodka ready for you to enjoy, whether you prefer to sip it neat or in a cocktail.

Our process is deliberately slow because we believe this is essential. It ensures the final flavour profile is perfect, pure and very smooth, making the most of our beautiful ingredients.