Potato farmers, and premium potato vodka enthusiasts, are approaching this year's potato harvest with a sense of anticipation. 

In the next few weeks, we will harvest our potatoes, grown with the unwavering dedication to quality that is required to produce our award-winning small batch vodka.

Producing the finest potatoes takes patience.  During the unseasonable weather at the start of the season we had to wait, delaying planting until the conditions were perfect.  After a frustrating wait, when the weather changed Tim and team sprang into action, working day and night to get our precious seed potatoes into the ground. 

Over the summer months, the team paid meticulous attention to our potatoes because, for us, the true measure of success lies in the quality of the potatoes we produce, rather than their sheer size or quantity.  After all, it is our exquisite potatoes that give our small batch vodka its super smooth character, toffee-like sweetness, and great mouthfeel.

Now our potatoes, the foundation of our exceptional vodka, are almost ready to harvest.