It hasn’t been a dry January on the farm! We’ve endured some torrential downpours and we’ve developed (and enjoyed tasting) some fantastic cocktails! Despite the deluge, our spirits have remained high as we’ve embraced the rain-soaked fields and found inspiration in the most unexpected places.

Picture this: the rain pelting against the windowpanes, the earth drinking up every drop, and us, nestled in our farmhouse kitchen, stirring up magic. With our premium potato vodka, crafted with love and care right here on the farm, we’ve embarked on a journey of mixology that’s as exhilarating as it is delicious.

As the rain tapped out its rhythm on the roof, we experimented with flavors and combinations, blending the freshness of our farm produce with the smoothness of our potato vodka. From zesty citrus infusions to herbaceous delights, each cocktail creation has been a testament to the creativity and passion that define life on the farm.

And the best part? These concoctions aren’t just staying within our four walls. Oh no! Keep an eye on our social media channels because soon, these rain-inspired libations will be making their debut, bringing a taste of the farm and a splash of excitement to screens near you.

So, here’s to rain-soaked adventures and the spirited concoctions they inspire. Cheers to a January well-spent, rain or shine!