Along with all the rain, April brought with it a deluge of recognition and acclaim for Nine Tines Potato Vodka, as we found ourselves in the spotlight of some seriously chic publications. From Cosmopolitan's trendy cocktail recommendations to the Evening Standard's savoury drink selections, and even a nod from Country and Town House for its versatility, Nine Tines stood out as the go-to vodka for discerning drinkers, adding a splash of smoothness to every sip.


1. Cosmopolitan: When it comes to keeping up with what's hot and what's not, Cosmopolitan always has its finger on the pulse. So, when they featured Nine Tines in a lineup of refreshing spring cocktails, we were delighted.  Nine Tines Potato Vodka took centre stage as the star ingredient in a vibrant and flavourful Nine Tines Blood Orange and Honey Sour. Cosmopolitan's endorsement highlighted our vodka's smoothness but also its versatility in crafting cocktails that perfectly complement the season's energy and vibrancy - a must-have spirit for springtime soirées.

2. Evening Standard: Who knew vodka could be so savoury? Well, the Evening Standard did when they rounded up the best savoury alcoholic drinks, and picked out Nine Tines Potato Vodka for its unique ability to add depth and complexity to savoury cocktails. Whether you're sipping on a rich Bloody Mary or a herb-infused martini, Nine Tines brings that savoury sophistication that elevates any cocktail hour.

3. Country and Town House: When it's time to indulge in an indulgent Chocolate Martini with a coffee kick, there's only one vodka we trust to do the job right – Nine Tines! Country and Town House certainly agreed, singing praises of our smooth and pure spirit as the perfect partner for that rich coffee kick. Who needs a barista when you've got Nine Tines in your drinks cabinet?

Nine Tines’ inclusion in these features underscored its status as an essential ingredient for crafting unforgettable cocktails with a touch of sophistication.  A versatile and indispensable addition to any home bar or cocktail menu.

As April bid us adieu, Nine Tines Potato Vodka was riding high on a wave of acclaim and admiration from some seriously stylish sources. When it comes to making cocktails Nine Tines it's not just any vodka – it's the vodka worth celebrating, toasting, and savouring!