If potatoes, farm life, and handcrafted spirits are your thing, you’ve come to the right place. We at Nine Tines are thrilled to take you along on our farm-to-glass journey through our new campaign, #FromTheFurrows.

Whether you're curious about what happens on our patch or want to discover why our premium potato vodka is so smooth and has already been ‘picked’ out for awards, #FromTheFurrows will share everything about the brand, the farm, how we make our super smooth potato vodka… even the tatties we use!

We’ll be sharing news from Nine Tines, behind-the-scenes snapshots of our farm operations from planting to harvest, and the mix for the cocktails we’ve been shaking and stirring. We promise, our content will be un-b-leaf-ably good!

But that's not all — we're here to connect with our community! We love hearing from fellow farm and vodka lovers! Nine Tines is grain and gluten-free, so share any recipes with us and ask us any questions. Sit back and enjoy our content. We think you'll find something here that’s worth digging into!

Keep your eyes peeled for our latest blog posts and social media updates and join in the fun with #FromTheFurrows. Who knows? You might just discover your new favourite cocktail recipe. Thanks for joining us — let's grow something amazing together!

Don't forget to use the hashtag #FromTheFurrows so we can check out your posts, too!

Whilst we plant the potatoes, make sure you ‘pick’ your bottle of Nine Tines from the website: https://ninetines.co.uk/products/nine-tines

‘Clink’ ‘Clink’ to that!